Nick Carter Recognized as a Service Hero at Infirmary

Congratulations to Nick Carter, PICC Team, for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. He put our values into action by demonstrating EXCELLENCE and COMPASSION after responding unselfishly to a patient need by coming in off duty. Read a snip from his nomination:

Nick was enjoying a night with some guests at home. I had learned that we needed an emergent line placed on a patient in NSICU. The house supervisor unsuccessfully tried several times to do this. Upon learning this need, a text went out to the entire team to see if anyone was willing to go to the hospital and get this done. Nick called and said he could help, but that he had guests. A little while later he called again and said he could come in. He felt that the patient needed him more than his family at that time. He drove from Sherwood to Little Rock at 9pm and stayed at the hospital until 11pm and placed the most needed lines. Thank you for being my “hero!”

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