North Takes the Stage at Chamber Event

Closer shot for NorthThanks to the team from CHI St. Vincent North for sharing their time to promote health at the recent Sherwood Chamber of Commerce Wellness Expo. We were the presenting sponsor for the event.

Our team who volunteered their time included: Chris Stines, Pam Keefover, Carla Brooks, Jan Gardner, Susan Toler, Tammy Eros, and Kimberly Nash.

Wearing their green Healthy Spirit t-shirts, they staffed a booth giving out information regarding our many clinics and brochures were distributed with pertinent information on various health issues. The nurses took people’s blood pressures and discussed health-related issues regarding their blood pressure.

Chris Stines spoke about CHI St. Vincent’s mission and services we offer. He also participated in a few of the physical demonstrations sponsored by Cross Fit making us proud he was a part of our team.