Nurse Gigi Kerr Takes Action “In the Air”

Kerr, Gigi
Gigi Kerr (center) receiving recognition from the Praise & Celebrations team and Hot Springs President Tony Houston.

The second Service Hero for Hot Springs for August also had a travel story!

Nurse Gigi Kerr was on a flight in Alaska when a passenger needed assistance. She made quite an impression because the gentlemen tracked her down and sent this kind note:

“I’m the lucky fellow that you rescued on the plane in June. Thank you so much for being so willing to help a stranger. I’m so happy it was you who was there to help me that fateful day. I still can’t really believe how lucky I am. My trip continued after the plane landed — to the Fairbanks hospital. I seemed to check out OK and was sent on my way. I’m sure all the fluid you pumped into me helped speed my recovery. It was a surreal experience. My family and I were sure glad I could continue on and have a great trip in Alaska. Your friend in Kingston.”

To which Gigi happily replied, “That was my first air adventure. I loved that you sent those pics of you and your wife. Please keep an eye on your blood pressure and follow up again with your doc. Sincerely, your personal nurse, Gigi.”