Outreach Goes to Glenwood

glenwood4We were a big part of a health fair for the Latino community at Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church (Our Lady of Guadalupe) in Glenwood this past weekend.

The church was having a fall festival and in the spirit of bringing health care to the people, CHI St. Vincent performed screening mammograms, blood sugar tests and blood pressure screenings.

Praise to our coworkers from our Hot Springs hospital and our Primary Care Office in Glenwood who managed the activities.

We also distributed Spanish language health education materials on smoking, alcohol use, diabetes and mental health. The Arkansas Flavor  magazine with bilingual healthy recipes was well received (thanks to the Arkansas Times for publishing this free guidebook).

Our mammography team performed 10 mammograms and about 100 other screening tests were conducted. Several cases of hypertension were noted and referrals made to our local clinic.

Kudos to these coworkers:
Kathy Davidson, mammography tech
Stephanie Ryan, mammography Tech
Pam Howlett, APRN, nurse practitioner
Vicky Sanders, RN, Nursing Administration
Lisa Simpson, manager, Primary Care-Glenwood clinic
Cathy Bonner, LPN, Primary Care-Glenwood clinic
Lisa Simpson, MA, Primary Care-Glenwood clinic
Patrick McCruden, vice president, Mission Integration

#CHILivingOurMission #ServiceToPoorAndVulnerable