Patricia Ratliff Recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary

Congratulations to Patricia Ratliff, Food and Nutritional Services, for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. She put our values into action by demonstrating EXCELLENCE and COMPASSION after always ensuring our patients, families and coworkers enjoy a variety of freshly prepared food, even if she has to come in at 3:30am. Read snippets from her two nominations:

Chef Pat goes above and beyond for Behavioral Health patients on a regular basis. During the holidays she changes their snacks to ensure they get something they will enjoy (brownies, cookies etc..). On Easter, she sent 50 boiled eggs for the patients to color and on Christmas she sent several items to give the patients so they would have something to open. She frequently sends candy up for the patients, she checks in to make sure the patients like their meal menu and snacks. There are many times I email her with a last minute request and she always responds quickly and gets whatever our patients want or need.

To simply say Chef Pat exhibits excellence would be a gross understatement. She has such a passion for the Food Services and the staff that it’s felt (even by those who don’t work here). She’s been coming to work at 3:30am because another chef has been on medical leave for a couple of months. Food service is a key component of the overall Patient Experience and I appreciate all that she does to ensure that our patients, their families, and hungry coworkers have a variety of food on a daily basis. I know that it’s a true team sport in the healthcare ministry but if Chef Patricia is the coach, I want to play for her!

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