Real Men Wear Gowns: Darrell’s Story

If only we all had on board warning systems to let us know of potential threats, like unseen health problems that come on when we least expect it. Our friend, Darrell, could have benefited from that kind of system the day he realized something was wrong.

“It wasn’t a very hot day,” he recalled. “It was a little warm but not too hot, and I just got to feeling bad, and I came inside and my heart was racing. My blood pressure was up. My face was red.”

A walk in clinic was on Darrell’s way to work, so he dropped in and got looked at by nurse practitioner Callie Fletcher.

“We ran some blood work found out he had diabetes at that time and also high cholesterol,” she confirmed. “He could’ve suffered from stroke, heart attack, heart disease.”

“I remember her saying something to the effect of ‘It’s a wonder you’re walking in here today because you’re in really bad shape,’” Darrell added.

Two years after his warning spell, with regular checkups, corrective medications, and changes in lifestyle, Darrell has undergone a transformation.

“It’s very important for men under the age of 40 to have a yearly examination to include some blood work so these things can be tracked early on,” suggested Fletcher.

“You can’t always be the tough guy, you gotta be the smart guy,” Darrell concluded.