Real Men Wear Gowns – The Deondrick Wallace Story

RMWG Deondrick WallaceDeondrick Wallace had all the symptoms, and didn’t recognize them until an internet search made him realize that he might have diabetes.  It was at that point that his wife encouraged him to see primary care physician Susanna Shermer, M.D. at CHI St. Vincent Primary Care – Little Rock – Midtowne.

Shermer confirmed his suspicions and developed a plan of care to treat his diabetes.  Now he’s feeling better and proclaiming from the top of an AT&T  utility pole that Real Men Wear Gowns.   Click this link for the Deondrick Wallace Story.

Click the link below to find out why it is important to have a primary care physician and for a list of CHI St. Vincent primary care physicians.

5 Reasons To Have a Primary Care Doctor – CHI St. Vincent
Real Men Wear Gowns is a partnership between Today’s THV Channel 11 and CHI St. Vincent to encourage men to have a primary care physician.