Real Men Wear Gowns: Inaugural Segment on THV11 Shares Compelling Story

Real Men Wear GownsReal Men Wear Gowns is a partnership between THV11 and CHI St. Vincent to encourage men to see a primary care physician regularly.  The first Real Men Wear Gowns features Mark Viegas, M.D. at CHI St. Vincent Primary Care – Midtowne and a patient seeing Dr. Viegas for the first time.

The goal of this segment is to emphasize why it is important to have a primary care physician. Then encourage the men in your life to take better care of themselves by scheduling an office visit with a CHI St. Vincent primary care physician.

Watch the story:  “I almost died,” Richard Grice shared. “And that kind of scared me into submission saying, ‘Hey, I really need to start taking care of myself either way or else I will die just like my mother did when she was 37.'”