Service Hero Award – Hot Springs Rehab Team Supports Coworker in Time of Need

Pictured: John McAllister, Megan Savage, Matt Jordan, Karolyn Thompson and Tony Houston

Congratulations to the Hot Springs Rehabilitation team members for being honored as Service Heroes. Below is a snip from their nomination:

“I wanted to bring your attention to our amazing coworkers in Outpatient Therapy in Hot Springs.

Betty Giles was a Rehab Aide for us for many, many years. She had to have a below the knee amputation last fall due to circulation issues. Betty was on short- term disability and then long-term disability. Her hope was to return to work. Betty has had several setbacks. She fell at home, re-injured her incision, had to move due to family issues, dealing with the grief of her lost limb, etc. It has been a rough road. Finally, Betty was put on permanent disability as she realized it would not be possible to return to work.

The Rehab Team at Outpatient has been by Betty’s side every step of the way. They have taken her meals, done her laundry, cleaned her house, helped her move, given her Kroger gift cards, you name it, they did it. Yesterday, I found out that a few weeks ago the Rehab Team collected money and purchased Betty a washer & dryer for her new apartment so she wouldn’t have to get to the laundry mat. Two therapist, Matt (James) Jordan and Keith (William) Joiner, both Occupational Therapist, drove to Little Rock to pick up the washer & dryer. Took it to Betty’s apartment and hooked them up for her.

I am so proud to call these people my coworkers. They are good people down to the very core. They are truly living the mission of CHI, caring for the poor and vulnerable.”