Service Hero Dr. John Webb Unusual Story in London

Dr. John Webb (right) with Dr. Doug Ross and President Tony Houston.

Congratulations to Dr. John Webb, a surgeon in Hot Springs, for being recognized as a service hero for August.

The note from a volunteer shares an interesting story:

“My family and I were on a trip to London. We took our first day trip to the Tower of London. We had not slept much since leaving Arkansas. We were so tired. We were walking to get in line to the Dungeon. My husband missed a step and fell flat on his face. He turned over and then we heard a voice saying ‘Don’t move him.’ My son came to help and this man came to help and check out my husband. He and my son pulled him up and I looked at the mystery man and it was Dr. John Webb. I said, ‘You’re from Hot Springs, Arkansas!’ He was stunned and said ‘How do you know that?’ I said, ‘Because I see you every morning in Outpatient Surgery as a volunteer.’ My son and family visited for a few minutes and talked about the coincidence. I say he was an angel. He looked over my husband to make sure all was OK before we parted ways. Thankfully, he was just a little sore for a couple of days.”

We never know where or when we’ll be called into to service. But, our ministry leads us to help others, and we’re truly blessed to do this work here in Arkansas — and sometimes all over the world.