Shamsie Maliek Wins Daisy Award

img_6879Shamsie Maliek, RN, was the December 2016 DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses winner at CHI St. Vincent. Maliek is a nurse on 4E at the Infirmary.

Here’s an excerpt from her nomination letter:

“Recently my wife was in the hospital for 11 days. She had surgery, then was readmitted for a postoperative infection. During this time she had many nurses assigned to care for her. This nurse stood out among all the others.

Her compassionate, lead by example, attitude made her a joy to have in the room. She always took the time to do things the right way. She had numerous instances where a sterile field was required; picc line dressing changes, infuse-a-port removal, wound care and major surgery wound care. She exhibited extraordinary skill and knowledge in caring for my wife’s needs. She worked well with the techs, transporters, housekeeping and other nursing staff, demonstrating the exceptional core values St. Vincent strives to deliver to all patients. She listened to my wife’s requests and took a complete patient approach in her nursing assessments and delivery of care needed to optimize my wife’s recovery.

She went above and beyond in all aspects of care delivered to my wife. She was very thorough in explaining things she was to do herself. She took the time to properly disseminate information from doctors and their staff members. She was always timely in administering the complex list of medications and again went above and beyond in assisting my wife with her short bowel nutritional absorption. She explained this to a food service manager.

I myself am a retired RN nurse manager. If I were back in the profession, I would use this nurse as the “Gold Standard” when staffing my positions.

For the above reasons, I nominate this nurse for the Daisy Award, as she already has demonstrated all of the criteria associated with this award.”

The DAISY Award was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who died at 33 of ITP, an auto-immune disease. The Barnes Family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created this national award to say thank you to nurses everywhere.