Sheila Carson Recognized as Service Hero

Pictured: Tony Houston, Sheila Carson, Tyler Porterfield and Bryan Williams

Congratulations to Sheila Carson in Hot Springs for being recognized as a service hero for November.

Below is a snip from her nomination:

“I just want to send a kudos on Sheila Carson. She is always so great to work with. She has an upbeat attitude and brings joy to the department. She always has something nice to say to brighten someone’s day. She goes above and beyond her duties and does everything that she can to help the nurses and techs. She will help get things for the patents that she is able to instead of delegating it to someone else. She is always on the lookout for things she can do to better the department or to make the patient’s stay more comfortable.

Today she walked past a patient’s room and noticed that one of the side rails was down and the patient was leaning toward that side. She immediately stepped in and explained to the patient what she was doing and put the side rail up. This most likely prevented a fall from occurring in the department. I’m not sure what kind of recognition this warrants or that she could be nominated for but I just wanted to make sure that it was brought to your attention what a great job she does!”

Congrats Sheila!