Summer Slim Down Challenge Starts June 15

Summer’s here. Do you want to lose weight and feel better? The CHI Healthy Spirit Summer Slim Down Weight Loss Challenge might be the kick start you need.

CHI St. Vincent co-workers are eligible to participate in the weight loss challenge starting June 15. There is a $5 entry fee and all money collected will be distributed as prizes.

Here’s how it works. Participants will have a mandatory initial weigh-in June 15. At Infirmary, you can weigh in between 7:30 and 9:30 am at Employee Health. Hot Springs co-workers can weigh in between 7:30 and 9:30 am at the Heart Center lobby. Other co-workers can turn in their weight to a supervisor to email it in. Call ext. 501.552.3697 at Infirmary, Morrilton and North and 501.622.1997 in Hot Springs.

After the initial week, there will be opportunities to weigh-in each Wednesday at the same times and locations. You must weigh-in at least four of the eight weeks and show a decrease in weight to remain eligible for prizes.  A mandatory final weigh-in must be completed either July 27 or Aug. 3. The biggest loser will be based on the percentage of your body weight lost.

There are three ways to win your share of everyone’s $5 entry fee and other prizes.

  1. 50 percent of the total entry fee will be awarded to the biggest loser.
  2. 50 percent of the total entry fee will be awarded to the Grand Prize Drawing winner. This will be drawn from everyone who completes the challenge.
  3. And your overall health might be the most valuable prize of all.

Click here to download the registration form.

For more information in Hot Springs, call 501.622.1997 or email For more information at Infirmary, North or Morrilton, call 501.552.3697 or email