Sweethearts Intern for a Day at Infirmary

SweetheartsIntern 2015Eighty-one girls attended the Arkansas Heart Association Sweethearts Internship Dec. 21, 2015. Divided into eight groups, all participated in interactive learning opportunities led by Infirmary nurses and patient care partners including the cath lab, dietary and respiratory.

Activities focused on cardiovascular and stroke education. Amy Funderburk, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Executive Director JSHI, provided opening remarks for the girls regarding healthcare as a profession. The girls practiced CPR skills and wound care under the guidance of Patti Esmail, MSN-Ed, RN, CCRN, Nurse Educator and Patsi Wallace, BSN, RN, CURN, Nurse Educator.

Led by Cherie Blackwell, BSRT(R) and Jason Dunlap, MHA, RT(R) the girls toured a Cardiac Cath Lab suite and were shown a pre and post heart cath stenting procedure.

The girls were introduced to Sim Man, Sim Mom and Sim baby by Amy Ramick, MNSc, RN, CS-BC, Nurse Educator and Farren Rippond, MSN, RN, Nurse Educator.  Patti

Esmail summarized EHAC (Early Heart Attack Care) and deputized them with the EHAC Deputy Oath during the end of the Internship.

A highlight of the day was the chance for the students to interact with Anna Plyer, BSN, RN and Rachel Stone, BSN, RN both previous AHA Sweethearts in 2009. Each shared her compelling stories about how the program helped them choose nursing as a career path.

Juanita Carr, CHI SVI Volunteer Coordinator and Christy Sanders, MSN, RN CHI SVI Nurse Educator, organized the event.

Group leaders consisted of Jennifer Huff, Debbie Meiklejohn, Anna Plyer, Christy Sanders, Rachel Stone, Lauren Taylor and Holly Trotter. Responsibilities included escorting their assigned group of girls to scheduled areas and reiterating the data provided at each scheduled stations. We would like to recognize the individuals responsible for each station and express our gratitude for giving of their time during this busy holiday season.

They include:
Cath Lab -Cherie Blackwell and Jason Dunlap CPR – Patti Esmail and Patsi Wallace Nutrition – Peggy Carter, RD, LD and Jenna Siebenmorgen RD, LD Respiratory – Debbie Peyton, RRT, CPFT,  Director of Respiratory Care Services and Mark McGinness, RRT, Respiratory Care Coordinator