Sylvia Holeman Recognized as Service Hero at Infirmary

Congratulations to Sylvia Holeman, Transporter, for being recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary. She put our values into action by demonstrating Compassion and Excellence to help a patient’s distraught family member receive the support they needed to get through the tough time. Read a snip from her nomination below:

I was the on-call Chaplain for the day and received a phone call asking me to return to my office to provide emotional support to a grieving family member.  Sylvia happened to be in the hallway and noticed this woman crying, stating that her husband was near death, so she instinctively asked for the Chaplain. She took time out of her normal routine and stayed with the patient until I arrived. After we finished talking, Sylvia returned and took the weakened, bereaved woman by wheelchair back to her husband’s room so that she could rejoin her family.

This is where the story really becomes extraordinary. Sylvia heard about this person again, only this time the distraught woman was trying to harm herself. Sylvia immediately notified a nurse and the family, and without giving more details, this woman was able to receive lifesaving intervention. Sylvia could have ignored the situation, but instead she followed her instincts, spoke up and help was rendered. Way to go Sylvia! Thanks for you extraordinary compassionate response!

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