System Staffing Office to Open June 19

CHI St Vincent will open its system staffing office on June 19. This work aligns with the Living Our Mission Journey as it will support employee engagement, quality, financial sustainability, and facilitate growth.


Integration into a system staffing office will improve operational efficiencies.  Alignment with system growth and integration plans.

  • 24/7 coverage for SVHS
  • Ensures that we have the right people at the right place at the right time across all facilities
  • Sharing of best practices across facilities
  • Standardization of workflows
  • Efficient use of our contingent resource pool
  • Allows for better utilization of hospital space for patient care growth
  • Continue integration into one CHI St. Vincent

The nurse staffing offices at CHI St. Vincent Infirmary/Hot Springs will be closed at 7 am on June 19. The new CHI St. Vincent Nurse Staffing Office will be operational at 7 am on June 19, and will be and located in the Medical Office Building, Suite 405, on the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs campus.

Contact information:

  • CHI St. Vincent Nurse Staffing Office
  • 300 Werner Street
  • Medical Office Building, Suite 405
  • Hot Springs, AR 71913
  • 501.622.2366



Staffing Office FAQ’s

Will I still be able to talk to the staffing office coworkers?

  • Many of the same coworkers will be staffing the system staffing office.  Staffing coordinators will be available by Lync for leaders.

What happens to the existing staffing office?

  • There is no plans to change immediately, the color printer and mailboxes will still be available.  The house supervisor will still work out of the existing staffing office.
  • Hot Springs. Administrative assistants will occupy the current staffing office.

How will the floors get their staffing?

  • Staffing will fax a (Care Value generated) report to every supported department at 0530 & 1730

How can schedules be accessed?

  • By accessing Care Value as we do today

How will I know about my call ins? 

  • The call in log will be electronically distributed daily at 0630 daily