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Real Men Wear Gowns: Dealing With Denial

Raymond Martyr vividly recalls the first time he walked through the doors of the Conway Interfaith Clinic. “I had a fever blister come up and it just stayed…it just wouldn’t heal.” Nurse practitioner Rhonda Dixon got Raymond right into see a specialist. “When he came in, it was clear to me it wasn’t a feverView Full Post

Real Men Wear Gowns: Never Too Late To Visit Doctor

Dennis Turney comes into CHI St. Vincent for his regular checkup, with Dr. Nosheen Mian. “He’s a good looking 81-year-old, and he’s very independent. Lives independently. Drives independently,” Mian said. These visits are tough for him. He claims he hadn’t seen a doctor until he was 65, but that all has now changed.

Real Men Wear Gowns: Freddie’s Story

Mark Twain used to say that a real man was one who could sit at a dinner table across from a mirror and never look at himself. Well Mark Twain never met Freddie Hokams. This is not how Freddie Hokams saw himself. He was not that guy in the doctor’s office. But reality vanquished hisView Full Post

Real Men Wear Gowns: Darrell’s Story

If only we all had on board warning systems to let us know of potential threats, like unseen health problems that come on when we least expect it. Our friend, Darrell, could have benefited from that kind of system the day he realized something was wrong. “It wasn’t a very hot day,” he recalled. “ItView Full Post

Real Men Wear Gowns: Cough Syncope

In this “Real Men Wear Gowns” segment, we have a story with three episodes. To produce the full effect , we’ll tell the story backwards. We begin at the end, with a man at the gym. He starts on the treadmill slowly.   While he’s in the gym, his goal is to make his heart and pulmonary systemView Full Post

New THV11 Spot Features Hot Springs “Real Men”

You may have seen our previous promotional spot or inspirational stories for Real Men Wear Gowns on THV11. Along with promotions encouraging men to establish relationships with primary care doctors, the campaign also features CHI St. Vincent Medical Group providers and our patients discussing health issues. Watch the most recent promotional spot featuring local HotView Full Post

Real Men Wear Gowns – The Deondrick Wallace Story

Deondrick Wallace had all the symptoms, and didn’t recognize them until an internet search made him realize that he might have diabetes.  It was at that point that his wife encouraged him to see primary care physician Susanna Shermer, M.D. at CHI St. Vincent Primary Care – Little Rock – Midtowne. Shermer confirmed his suspicions and developed a plan of careView Full Post