Tammy Rash Recognized as Service Hero at Hot Springs

Congratulations to Tammy Rash, HIM Clinical Documentation Specialist, for being recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs. She put our values into action by demonstrating Compassion after taking time to help a patient make it to an appointment on time. Read a snip from her nomination below:

I was at the emergency room door exit when this nurse came out to go home. She stopped and asked if she could help me. I was trying to get to my bone density test across from the pet store by 2pm. She took the time out of her day to call and find out exactly where I was supposed to be. She found out that my appointment was not until 2:30pm and then got in her car, and met up with me in the parking lot to let me follow her down to the office.

I made it on time to my appointment and she helped to calm my nerves. I wish there were more people like her in this world. Her caring smile, eyes and compassion for my health seemed so important to her.

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