Tanja Jackson Recognized as Service Hero at Hot Springs

Congratulations to Tanja Jackson, Observation PCT, for being recognized as a Service Hero at Hot Springs. She put our values into action by demonstrating Compassion and Integrity after taking time to help her patients feel comfortable and making sure they received the best care. Read snips from her three nominations below:

Patient Nomination:

I had surgery and was frankly terrified having never been hospitalized before.  Post-operatively I spent 2 nights on 1 East.  The care I received was amazing and the whole team is wonderful.  They were kind, attentive and fun.  They answered every questions my family had and all my needs were met.  In particular, Tanja, PCT went above and beyond to make us comfortable.

Coworker Nomination #1:

Tanja went to patients’ room to check the lead placement.  The rhythm was grassy, all artifact, unreadable.  She cleaned, dried and reapplied pads.  Rhythm was still unreadable.  She returned to room, called me from her patients room and worked to replace pads the patient had removed when she had left the room previously.  She repositioned lead replacement as we spoke.  She explained what and why to the patient as she worked and her tone and volume was pleasant the whole time to the patient and myself.    This same scenario took place 3 times over the course of the 12 hour shift and Tanya’s customer service skills remained stellar.

Coworker Nomination #2:

This story could be said for today, yesterday or last month.  Tanja displays the best of the best of PCT’s.  She’s quick, delightful, and thorough and she deserves to know how much she’s appreciated.

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