Thanks for Your Feedback: Culture Survey Ends with 65% Participation

dignity-snipA big thank you to everyone who completed the Dignity culture survey. For the Arkansas ministry, we ended with 65% participation from our coworkers. That was the highest level among the major hospital-based markets! It goes to show that you are engaged and got that message of the value of your participation.

To those 2,278 coworkers who took part, know that together your feedback will provide insights in our Living Our Mission Journey.

Across the various CHI ministries, we had a strong response rate – 43% or 24,595 coworkers completed the survey.

CHI and Dignity Health are exploring how, together, we could lead the transformation of health care in America. Your responses to the culture survey are a unique and special part of this exploration. They will be used to help us better understand your perspective on the current culture of CHI, as well as the desired culture for a potentially-combined organization with Dignity Health.

Thank you again for your participation. We look forward to sharing the survey results with you in the coming months.