Thoughts and Prayers for the CHI Texas Division

Our thoughts and prayers are with the coworkers of CHI’s Texas Division and others who are coping with the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey. Now a tropical storm, Harvey continues to cause flooding across Southeastern Texas, including the entire Houston metropolitan area.

While two Texas Division facilities are evacuating patients due to the flooding, each of the 15 other facilities are functional and have adequate staffing and supplies. Patients from evacuated facilities are being transferred to other CHI Texas Division facilities to help ensure a seamless transition and consistent level of care. The Texas Division activated its emergency preparation and incident command teams last Thursday, and they are focused on ensuring that patients and coworkers remain safe and well cared for.

How You Can Help
Across our ministry, coworkers are asking what they can do to help. Unfortunately, many Texas Division coworkers are being personally affected by the flooding; some had to evacuate their homes and leave everything behind, and some already know their homes have been badly damaged or destroyed. To help them, the CHI Texas Division has set up a coworkers emergency relief fund; to donate, click here.

At this time, we unite our hearts and thoughts by praying for patients, caregivers, first responders and all people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

You can also help by giving to the Salvation Army or Red Cross.