Tyler Brown Receives Compassionate Care Award

img_6864Tyler Brown received the Compassionate Care Award for December. Tyler is a Discharge Specialist in Care Management at the Infirmary.

Tyler had multiple nominations. Read a few lines from his nominations below.

-“Tyler goes above and beyond to provide each patient—whatever they need. From DME’s to Home Health, Rehab setups, he makes it happen. He works hard to get things done and does it quickly and promptly. He does it all with a smile and doesn’t get upset when situations come up out of the blue. He’s a great team member!”

-“Tyler is wonderful and helps patients with everything they need once they leave here! He spent hours trying to find placement for a patient this week!”

-“It’s hard to think of just a single situation that demonstrates what a great job that Tyler does. He quickly takes care of every order for discharge.”