Wayne Trawick GEM of the Year

Wayne Regional EE of the YearThe CHI St. Vincent Management and PFC team have chosen Wayne Trawick as our GEM of the Year.  Wayne prides himself on his personal performance and the overall performance of our department.  He won the MVP award this year for the first Fantasy Transport Employee Engagement Program.  The MVP award focused on performance, attendance and behavior.

Wayne also participated in our Certified Trainer program and was a friendly and encouraging mentor to our new hires.  Wayne always places the success of our department and the needs of his patients and coworker over his own personal needs.

Recently Wayne was promoted from his transporter position to our valet service and courtesy cart driver.  Wayne continues to display excellent customer service, care, compassion and a commitment to excellence in his new role.  A past patient of Wayne’s recently was visiting the hospital and had the pleasure of getting a ride in our courtesy cart with Wayne.  She remembered him and asked if he had transported her before.  What she remembered most about Wayne was his compassion and putting her at ease, but most of all that he prayed with her and for her during their short time together on the way to her procedure.

Wayne goes above and beyond for his team and his patients.  He made sure shifts were covered during inclement weather and offered to come in on his off days, picking up coworkers on his way in to ensure our patients did not experience any delays.