Week 1 PCA Prize Winners Announced

Ten winners have been drawn for Week 1 prizes for completing the Performance Culture Assessment (PCA).  These names were drawn to win the first round of participation prizes because their department reached 50 percent participation by May 9.

Arkansas Travelers Suite Tickets

The following co-workers receive access with 15 tickets for a suite at an Arkansas Travelers game of their choice (subject to availability).

  1. Megan Kellar RN, North
  2. Edward Sutton, Sleep Tech, Infirmary
  3. Deborah Evans, Nurse Practitioner, Blandford Building
  4. Michael Moore, Resp Therapist, Hot Springs
  5. Amber Price, Surg Tech, Morrilton

Magic Springs Tickets

The following co-workers receive four day passes for Magic Springs & Crystal Falls theme park.

  1. Melissa Morrison, Unit Coordinator Hot Springs
  2. Rebecca Palmer, RN   CHI Clinic 70 West
  3. Debra Gilbert, RN  North
  4. Nikolas Wilbert, Materials Mgmt  Infirmary
  5. Summer Hunt, Rad Tech   Morrilton

The prizes don’t end here. Help your department reach 80 percent participation by Monday, May 16, and you can become eligible to win. We’re giving away:

  • Five (5) iPads or iPad Minis.
  • One (1) fully-custom CHI St. Vincent bicycle.

We’re in the home stretch for completion deadline for the Performance Culture Asssessment (PCA). If you haven’t yet completed the survey, please scroll back through your email to one that looks like below and complete.










If you have completed, thanks! Your feedback is so appreciated. We’re currently near 60% completion. (Note: if you were hired after Jan. 1, 2016, you will not have received a link.)

The Performance Culture Assessment is your confidential opportunity to tell leaders how we can improve and what is working well.

Complete the PCA before the May 16 deadline please – for a better CHI St. Vincent and for a chance to win a prize if your department has 50 percent participation.

Click here  for more details.