Women’s Services Merge to Enhance Patient Care

Chaplains and staff joined for a blessing over the new unit and prayed for our patients, babies and coworkers.

Women’s Services has officially moved and taken on a new name at the Infirmary.

Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, Newborn Care and the NICU are now located on 1NW and will be called Maternal Child. Infants will room in with moms to enhance the bonding process. If the infant needs special care, the NICU will be nearby on the first floor.

There is a phone on the wall to request access to this area. The lactation room also moved to this area for coworker use. Please see someone at the nurse’s station for the access code to the room.

A special thank you to all in Facilities, EVS , Clinical  Engineering, Clinical Informatics, IT and Materials Management for ensuring everything was ready for our moms and their babies. We are fortunate to have an outstanding team to coordinate this transition!


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