World Water Day is March 22 – Be a Part of It

world water day

World Water Day is an international event first celebrated in 1993, and now celebrated annually on March 22. CHI invites you to be a part of it by viewing this short video and sharing it with others, and visiting our Water Day page on Inside CHI. The page offers ideas and resources to recognize the day and take action to preserve this precious natural resource.

Worldwide, 783 million people lack access to clean, safe freshwater. More than three million people die each year due to lack of access to water or waterborne illnesses resulting from poor sanitation. Freshwater demand has increased at more than double the rate of world population growth in recent years, and we must all do our part to ensure this elemental resource is available for all.

Visit the Water Day page and learn more about how you can be a part of the solution. For more information, contact Laura Krausa.